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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We don't use tricks, fake accounts, etc. We simply use our proven strategy to engage with the people you care about, so they look at your profile and follow you. Our Instagram growth services are proven to provide completely real followers.
We target specific hash tags, advocates within your niche, and more to ensure we get the correct followers (as opposed to anyone and/or everyone). Please provide hash tags to target and competitors if you're in a specialized niche, as this is the helpful info for our team.
We've been doing Instagram Marketing for years, and have a proven methodology to grow your online audience. We use your account and follow, unfollow, like, and comment for you. Our strategy ensures that our comments, likes, and follows, will lead to the maximum number of follows within your target audience.
The number of daily and weekly followers you will receive will vary based on the niche you are targeting, the amount of content you continue to post, and more. Since we ensure you only get real followers, the number of follows will vary day by day. Over years of managing various accounts, we have found that the average client receives a minimum of 50-150 followers a day.
Just contact us and we'll get everything set for you. Please allow up to 1 business day for responses. If this is a billing related matter, we will get you refunded no problem for any inquiries that occur while you're waiting for us to get back to you.
We offer a free 7-day trial of our social media growth services. We need to place a $0.01 deposit on your payment method for verification purposes. If you cancel or do not subscribe, you will be refunded the $0.01 after your free trial.

Refund Policy

You are entirely responsible for cancelling your account.  If you wish to cancel, YOU must do so.  Simply contact us via email to cancel or you can cancel through your PayPal dashboard.

Our plans automatically renewal until cancelled.  Refunds can only / will only be issued if the user asks and only for the current month they are in.  For no exception can we refund back more than one month.  Users are responsible for making sure their account settings are all correct, and contacting us if anything needs to be updated.