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Best Ways To Get Fitness Instagram Shoutouts

Ricky | April 14, 2017


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So you want to become a famous Instagram fitness icon, known for your Godly body and dedication? You are not the first. 5 years ago, it was easier to grow a fitness page on Instagram. Now it seems like everyone with a cellphone and a gym membership wants to become the next Devin Physique. Growing a fitness page on Instagram has gotten harder over the years because there is more competition now than ever before. When Instagram was first created in 2010, there weren’t that many fitness Instagram pages. Now it is one of the most popular niches on Instagram. #fitness has over 181 million hits currently. You'll need exposure and fitness instagram shoutouts to stand out.


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The most famous Instagram Fitness icons of today like @paigehathaway and @simeonpanda have a secret to their success. They have a network of popular Instagram pages that they use to repost their pictures. Simeon and Paige regularly appear on @bodybuildingnation. Getting fitness shoutouts on Instagram can be very helpful for gaining exposure. @bodybuildingnation is just one of the network of accounts that post pictures of famous fitness personalities like Paige and Simeon. If you want to gain some of the fanbase they have, you have find as many pages as possible that are willing to repost pictures of you.




Many fitness personalities you see on Instagram today got their start through a fitness blog. Fitness blogging has gained in popularity and building a blog is a great way to get fitness instagram shoutouts. You can reach out to other fitness bloggers and tell them that you will backlink to their blog if they give you a shoutout. Backlinking involves adding the web address of the other person’s blog to one of your articles. This will help them with SEO ranking and with driving traffic. In exchange, you can ask them to post a picture of you on their Instagram account.

There are many examples of popular Instagram pages that got their start from a blog. @kaylakleinman is a good example of one of them. She is not “instafamous” yet, but her blog kaylainthecity.com gets over 100 hits per day and helps her drive traffic to her Instagram account. Starting a fitness blog will help you reach more people and gain more followers. This can also increase your ability to be taken seriously and entice other fitness accounts to share your content.




If you really want to go the extra mile, then it is time to start a fitness youtube channel. Most people underestimate how much time actually goes into creating YouTube videos when they just get started. If your videos are not high quality, then there is no point in even making them. Youtube is cluttered with low quality workout videos.

If you are going to put in the effort to make a channel, make sure all the videos are edited as professionally as possible. How will this help you get shoutouts? If you get good at editing you can offer to make short promo videos for popular youtube channels in exchange for a shoutout.

If you have a lot of followers, then you will have more leverage in getting shoutouts. Big fitness pages are likely to agree to a shoutout for shoutout between you two. Building a large active following on Instagram can be tough, but socialnetworkelite.com is here to help. We interact with people in the fitness niche through comments, likes, and follows, helping to drive traffic to your page or website . CLICK HERE to learn more and start your 7 day FREE trial!

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