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How to Grow Your Account with an Instagram Followers Bot

Ricky | August 20, 2017

How to use instagram followers bot post 

Instagram is quickly becoming the best place to market your business, and a quick overview of some stats will tell you why. Instagram has over 400 million daily active users, and that number is quickly growing. To put things into perspective, Snapchat has 160 daily active users,  and Twitter has 134 daily active users. Over 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day, and that number is up from 70 million the year before.


So, to make a long story short, Instagram is growing like crazy, and people are spending more of their time there. As a marketer it's important to ensure you're where your customers are. As an online business or brand, Instagram is going to be an important revenue source to tap. An Instagram followers bot is a great way to do this.


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Instagram bots are a common way that marketers are quickly reaching a large umber of users on Instagram. Instead of building an audience slowly and over time, you can use a bot to rapidly grow followers, likes, and views.


There are many benefits to using an Instagram followers bot. These include:

  • Grow followers while you sleep
  • Less time and effort than growing your account on your own
  • Build multiple accounts at once
  • Depending on content, you can increase followers by over 2,500/month
  • Increase traffic and online sales


While the benefits are amazing, not all bots are created equally. There are many free or low cost bots out there, but many of them do not work correctly, and you will not be able to get support. Make sure to get a reputable Instagram followers bot, otherwise you could end up with minimal results, or mostly fake followers.


You also need to keep an eye out for Instagram flagging your account if you decide to use a bot. Instagram is trying to prevent users from growing their accounts in this way, so your account could be deactivated if Instagram thinks you're using a bot. You'll need to ensure that your bot doesn't interact with too many accounts, as the number of likes, comments, and follows generated per day is one way Instagram will know.


Instagram will also consider the age of your account when deciding to flag you. Make sure you're extra cautious if you just created your Instagram account. You could be  flagged and shut down more quickly than an account that has been around for a year.


The Best Instagram Followers Bot


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