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How to Get a Finstagram

Julia Thompson | August 18, 2018

Social media platforms are often seen as a place to show off your “best life”. Instagram especially, because it is such a visual platform. It’s known for filling our feeds with beautiful photos of people looking their best, traveling the world, and supposedly living an incredible life. It’s rare to see photos of someone in their sweatpants, no makeup on, doing nothing of importance, or doing something they wouldn’t want others to see. Having to keep up such an appearance on Instagram is exhausting and not always the honest truth, which is why many users are starting to express themselves through the use of “Finstagram”. If you’re interested in putting your true self out there for only a trusted group to see, here’s how you can get a Finstagram and finally be free from the pressure of looking perfect.

 How to get a finstagram and be your real self

What is a Finstagram?

According to Urban Dictionary, a Finstagram is a Fake Instagram account. Essentially it is a second, private Instagram account that is shared with only a handful of users, usually friends or family. Finsta users share photos they wouldn’t dare share on their real Instagram (cleverly dubbed Rinstagram), such as embarrassing faces, vulnerable emotions, and sometimes even illegal or frowned-upon behavior. Cue the beer-pong red solo cups, duck faces, and ugly crying pics.


Are They Safe?

For the most part, these private photo feeds are harmless. Photos of goofy selfies and lounging around the house are pretty typical in Finstagram photo feeds. Sure, there will be some that include pictures of underage college kids drinking at frat parties, but if they weren’t posting them on Instagram they’d be posting them on Snapchat. The accounts are private and typically only shown to close friends and family, so there’s less harm than showcasing these photos in front of the general public.

 People relaxing after they get a finstagram

How to Create a Finstagram Account

Creating a Finstagram account is actually pretty simple, you just need to know how to add a second (or third) account and make it private. Here’s how you can create a Finstagram from your current account:

1. Open and login to the Instagram app.

2. Tap the cogwheel icon in the top right corner of your profile.

3. Scroll to the bottom and click Add Account.

4. You’ll be taken to the login page, but at the bottom you’ll see a sign up button

5. Use your phone number or a different email address from your original account.

6. Add your profile photo, full name, and password.

7. Then create your username - what you want your @handle to be.

8. Then decide who you want to follow so they can find your account and you’re done!

Just make sure you set your account to Private in the profile settings so no one will be able to follow you or see your photos without your permission.


Who Uses Finstagram?

 Anyone can create a Finsta account for free, but the fake profiles are typically used by the younger generation, especially females. This group feels the most societal pressure to look perfect and keep up appearances in front of their peers and even complete strangers. So having an outlet where they can just be themselves is a great way to relieve some of that stress.


Once you know how to get a finstagram you won't have to try to be a model


If you’re sick of having to edit every single photo and look like a supermodel whenever there’s a camera around, consider creating a Finsta account. Use it for whatever you want, whether that’s watching netflix in your pajamas, before and after weight loss photos, or a million ugly seflies. No shame, no embarrassment!

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