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How To Get More Likes on Instagram

Ricky | March 14, 2018

The popular social media platform Instagram has a fairly simple layout for the user: post pictures, get likes, get comments, get noticed.  That’s the underlying foundation of this application.  For businesses, this translates to posting material, racking up likes, and raking in profits.  If your followers like your posts, then sooner than later, your followers become your customers.  The more likes your pictures and posts receive is a good indication that business is doing well.


So how can I get more likes on Instagram? 

Post Better Photos!

Right off the bat, the content of your posts has such a significant influence on the amount of likes you will get to the extent that it should be your number one priority.  If you are selling shoes, be sure to get the best aesthetic, high-quality pictures of your shoes within reason.  Regardless of the merchandise or post, the content is key.  There is no way around it.

What you can do, however, is cater to your follower’s interest to the best of your ability.  If one post does really well, while another did not, observe what made the successful post so successful and continue posting content similar to that! 

Another method is to view your competitors.  Take a look at the content they post and see the numbers they receive.  If they show some promising numbers, try your best to mimic the successful style they already are imposing.  Remember though, mimic, don’t plagiarize!


Utilizing Filters

Once you have accumulated some solid content to post, be sure to spice it up with some filters!  Utilizing filters is a great way to not only enhance your photos, but also develop a theme for your entire account.  Using the same photo enhancing techniques on a majority of your posts will create an overall theme for your content.  Do you want to have more vibrant colorful photos, or darker photos?  More blue color filters, or red color filters?  It all depends on what you are trying to highlight, and what you want to do with your account page!  Just try to be consistent and cater to what your audience likes.


Here’s a list of some popular photo enhancing applications:



-Filterstorm Neue







How to Get More Likes on Instagram


Use Captions!

So, you got the content, you got the filters, and you are ready to post, but somethings missing.  All of your posts on your business (or non-business) account should make use out of your captions.  This is where you are able to add that dash of personality to your business and to your pictures! 

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a few more can’t hurt.  Be clever, be serious, be funny, be brash, be sad, it doesn’t matter!  Just be sure to be you, and to keep the overall image of your business in best interest. 

What’s the overall message you wish to send?  What does my audience want?  How can I rake in more likes?  Use your captions to separate yourself from competitors and use it as a sub platform to cater to your followers.  If you successfully utilize captions, the likes will continue to flow in!



Hashtags are a quick an easy way to direct accounts who don’t follow you to your posts.  For instance, if someone were to search #dogs they would be directed to every post that includes the hashtags #dogs.  The key to standing out, however, is to use popular hashtags that are general enough draw in a larger number of accounts, yet specific enough to stand out in a larger market.  A great way to draw people towards your posts is to research keywords that your audience is familiar with and tagging them to all of your posts.  This will draw more traffic to your account and ultimately help you accumulate more likes on your pictures!


Post More Frequently!

A common mistake that business accounts tend to make is that they forget to post for a while.  You don’t need to post every single day, but you do need to maintain a strong social media presence.  Keep consistent with your posting schedule!  Allow your audience to anticipate your next post and even know when they should expect it.  Consistency is key!


If you follow these strategies on how to get more likes on Instagram, you will quickly see the increase in activity on your pictures.  Even if it starts off gradual, in the long run these underlying methods are the foundation of maintaining a successful Instagram page, whether it be a business account or personal account.  Now start posting!


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