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How To Use Hashtag Challenges To Get More TikTok Followers

Ricky | March 11, 2020

Now that TikTok has undoubtedly proven its popularity among a younger generation of users (under 24), brands and influencers have been starting to take advantage of this by tailoring their TikTok campaigns. 

Using a hashtag challenge to get more tiktok followers

A big part of this is harnessing the viral potential of TikTok hashtag challenges. 


Many challenges have already become viral gaining millions and sometimes billions of views. For example the #splashchallenge, #genieinabottlechallenge, and #bottlecapchallenge

Brands are creating their own hashtag challenges that are Gen Z-friendly marketing campaigns where users are prompted to post videos of them using a product, usually accompanied by a specific song.


Generally speaking, several influencers make numerous posts at the start of a challenge to help it gain traction and, if all goes well, to catapult it to viral status.



Case Study: BMW

When BMW launched its new 1 Series in July 2019, it harnessed the popularity of TikTok’s hashtag challenge to build excitement. Using the hashtag #THE1Challenge, BMW asked a number of influencers to create entertaining clips of them dancing in, on and around the new cars. 

BMW tiktok hashtag challenge


Popular TikTokers Sky&Tami, Falco Punch and PatroX all showed off their true-to-style videos that have now been watched over 7 million times.


It may seem counterproductive for a premium car company to use a platform preferred by under 24-year-olds to distribute their message, but by asking young users to engage with the brand and create videos, BMW has exposed their products to consumers that may be important to them in the future. 


Preferences for brands are set at an early age and it’s young people who tend to decide what is in and out of fashion. By aligning themselves with the latest trend in social media, BMW is showing the world that they are not only relevant but forward-thinking.


As time progresses, TikTok will need to continue to attract content creators into remaining loyal to their features if they are to survive. So far, it’s proven to be a platform where users love generating creative content which can benefit your brand by becoming essentially what are self-made advertisements. 


Think of what kind of challenge would best go with your brand or product, and start your own hashtag challenge! 


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