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Instagram Unfollow: How to Manage Your Follow to Followers Ratio

Ricky | February 23, 2018

Previous articles stressed the importance of remaining active in the Instagram community in order to maintain a social presence for your personal or business account.  Whether it be through the use of bots or simply liking, commenting, and following on your own time, it is important to give follows to users of interest in effort to receive follows in return.  However, there is no guarantee of a 100% return rate on follows (it is roughly closer to 25%, or even less!).  To keep your number of follows down, it is important to go back through and unfollow any accounts that have not already followed you. 


Don’t sift through every single account you follow!  Listed below are easy methods to manage your Instagram unfollow ratio!


Followers for Instagram

Followers for Instagram is an app that allows you to track and manage all of your followers with an easy to use platform.  With this application you are able to see the users who unfollowed your account, blocked your account, deleted likes, followed you, did not follow you back, and more.  With the use of powerful, yet simple, analytics, managing your account’s unfollow ratio becomes a simple and easy task.  With this information, you are then able to decide what to do with your users.  You can forget about those who unfollowed you, or attempt to win them back.  You can unfollow those who did not follow you back, or leave comments and give more likes to hopefully reel them in to following you.  It is entirely up to you!



Another great third party tool is Unfollowgram.  This tool is made exactly for tracking users who unfollow you.  Additionally, Unfollowgram allows you to see those who do not follow you back, mutual follows, and who you do not follow back.  This can be helpful when trying to follow back a mass amount of users that do follow you.  All you have to do is go to the site, log in to your Instagram account, and provide an email address.  Yes, Unfollowgram is not an application, however, it is compatible with mobile web browsing and can be accessed on your phone.



InstaFollow is an iOS application that is similar to Followers for Instagram.  It allows you to track the stats of followers and give insight to your users and overall engagement.  You are able to utilize this application to find new people to follow by accessing the summary tabs which provide information such as new followers, lost followers, users that do not follow you back, users you don’t follow back, and users who have blocked you.   With the application you can even send follow requests to those who have unfollowed you to encourage them to follow you back!


Instagram Unfollow


Social Network Elite

The applications and third-party tools listed already have one thing in common: they rely entirely on you!  Yes, they provide great tools and information to help you maintain your follow to followers ratio, but you are still required to put in the time and effort yourself.  By using Social Network Elite’s services, experts use proven methods that work to explode your account followers while optimizing your follow to followers ratio.  We even provide you with the option to allow our experts to work your account or you can opt to manually use our tools yourself!  Social Network Elite comes with all of the tools and services listed already, plus much more! At Social Network Elite, we aim to improve your account status, and our free 7-day trial even comes with a 300 followers guarantee or our free trial extends to an entire month!


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