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Read this before you buy Instagram followers

Ricky | March 23, 2017

If you try to buy followers, you'll get fake people


What’s worse than having little to no Instagram followers? Having a ton of followers that everyone knows is fake, that won’t like your pictures, and that you will most likely lose one day.

You’ve probably seen some websites out there claiming that you can just buy Instagram followers by the thousands and receive them in just a couple of days.


The question is: does this really work? Is it too good to be true?


Most of the time, these sites offering to give you thousands of followers overnight simply control a massive amount of fake Instagram accounts that are made in bulk using special software, and then have those accounts follow you.


Of course, this may seem to everyone else like you just got a ton of new followers, but the problem is they are not real people who will actually like your pictures much less buy from you!


Because of this, it will be apparent to everyone that you have a ton of followers but nowhere near as enough likes on your photos. They might wonder: do this person’s followers even like them? So unless you want to continually try to balance with also “buying” likes, these kind of fake followers will only make your engagement rate tank.


When you buy Instagram followers, you'll be as empty as a manequin

What makes this worse is that Instagram is aware of these fake accounts, and periodically does a purge of any accounts that have signs of being fake. Therefore, you may wake up one morning to a few thousand less Instagram followers and your account might even get banned, as using fake followers and fake likes is against Instagram’s terms of service.

Another common dirty technique is that the people offering these services have access to thousands of hacked Instagram accounts, of people who don’t realize they have been hacked yet (crazy right). So, when you order followers they simply use the hacked accounts to follow you account, and voila!

Of course, the issue with this is that the real person behind the account will most likely realize that they don’t actually want to follow you, so your following disappears again.

The Best Way To Buy Real  Instagram Followers


There are better ways to get real active Instagram followers

So what is the legitimate and proven way to buy real followers that will actually like your pictures and buy your products/services? One of the most effective and consistent ways to get your account in front of other people is to reach out and engage with them first. 


However, most people simply don’t have the time to be on Instagram constantly liking, commenting, and following others, which is why you can pay professionals to do the hard work for you!  Our service provides you with 100% real followers by automatically engaging with people in your target audience, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your brand or business.

Click here to watch a video on how we help you get REAL active Instagram followers, and to try it out FREE for 7 days!

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