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Tag Scout Shut Down: What Happened and the Best Alternatives

Ricky | October 8, 2019

Tag Scout was once one of the most popular Instagram growth services on the market. Now they are no longer accepting clients. How could a profitable company go out of business overnight? Our research suggests that they were shut down by Instagram due to their excessive use of automated promotion activities. 

tag scout shut down

Recently, Instagram has declared war on users who automate activities on their profile and companies that provide automated marketing as a service. Instagram automation includes things like automated Follows and unfollows, liking, and commenting. Instagram has beefed up their AI detection systems and they can easily detect when someone is automating their account activities through the use of Instagram’s API. 


Tagscout has been shut down, but while they were still in business, they offered a whole collection of services that violated Instagram’s TOS  (terms of service). They had a dashboard that allowed users to adjust the speed of their automation and targeting settings. Instagram’s artificial intelligence recognized Tagscout’s use of automation and blacklisted their platform.


tag scout alternatives


What Now?

Almost all of the companies that provide automated Instagram promotions have been shut down and are no longer in business. The only Instagram Growth Services that survive are the ones that use human account managers to promote accounts. With an account manager working on your account, Instagram’s API will not be utilized and you can fly under the radar. Hiring a company that will manually promote your account is within the realms of Instagram’s terms of service and will not lead to your account getting blocked or deleted.


What should I do?

If you were using an automated growth service like Tagscout, then chances are that you have not been able to promote your account recently. What you need to do is hire a company like Social Network Elite that performs all activities manually. That will keep your account safe and the growth in traffic and engagement will be consistent. If you want to make the switch you should check out our plans and find one that is right for you. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our services!

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