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What are TikTok Dance Challenges?

Ricky | April 22, 2020


TikTok dance challenges



How to Participate in TikTok Dance Challenges


TikTok can seem intimidating to new users but its worth taking the time to learn about the platform because the user engagement is much greater than Instagram or Twitter and many people are going viral overnight! One of the best ways to go viral on TikTok is by utilizing TikTok Dance Challenges.


The first step on participating in TikTok Dance Challenges is to identify when new ones come up. The best way to do that is by going to the discover tab of your TikTok account. From there you will see the hashtags that are currently trending. Be aware of how views the hashtag has to determine if it is worth your time to make a video for that hashtag. Here are a few of the latest tiktok dances you can checkout:


#nanan remix













TikTok dance challenges



You can start by making your own dance video to these songs and posting the hashtag along with your video. That will give you a chance to appear in the discover tab for that hashtag and you have a chance to get famous overnight!


So What’s Going Viral Right Now?


One of the hardest parts about TikTok is keeping up with what’s currently going viral on that platform and what’s getting the most attention. One TikTok dance challenge that’s especially challenging is #distancedance


TikTok dance challenges


Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware of the worldwide lockdown caused by COVID-19 deadly virus. TikTok users are putting their creativity to come up with dances for staying home and staying healthy. If you want to participate in this growing trending hashtag, upload a dance to your favorite song and tag it with #distancedance. You can use other dances that pop up when you search #distancedance to get inspiration for the music to use for your dance and some dance moves as well. #distancedance currently has 690 million views. It’s definitely worth putting yourself out there by tagging a post with this hashtag and give yourself a chance to get discovered!


TikTok is all about building a community and posting engaging content that will appeal to them. Your dances don’t have to be picture perfect to be worthy of a post. TikTok’s algorithm recognizes when someone watches a video all the way through and continually shows popular videos in the “For You” tab, long after the video was originally posted. Even bloopers of you trying to perfect the perfect #distancedance can be entertaining. Don’t be afraid to fail! It will take many attempts to rank for the hashtag of your choice because TikTok’s algorithm takes many things into consideration when determining which videos to showcase to new people.


Instagram might have been the app of 2019, but now it’s all about TikTok. Your audience will love your feed if you are continuously posting fun viral TikTok dance videos! Watch your followers grow as you implement these viral dance videos into your feed. No matter what your target audience is, your account will get new followers if you create some entertaining dance videos.




Most of us are horrible dancers, but that’s part of the fun! Even if your dance isn’t worth being part of Beyonce’s superbowl ensemble, there's a good chance people will find your work entertaining. TikTok’s algorithm pushes videos with good engagement to the trending hashtags page. Even if you mess up it's ok! You need to post a lot of content to figure out what works and increase your chance of being discovered. We recommend posting a video every 1 to 3 days, but the more often the better! To get started, you can go ahead and post your own dance to the viral TikTok dances we mentioned here. Make sure you tag it with the hashtag we used as well to maximize your chance of getting discovered. While you are in self isolation due to CLOVID-19, you can boost your TikTok by learning some of the dances in this article and uploading your own!

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