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Best Things To Post on Instagram: Business Contests & Offers

Ricky | April 7, 2017

According to eMarketer, one in four people around the world are using social media. It is no wonder why businesses have turned to social media to promote their brand. However, this also means there are plenty of businesses offering plenty of great opportunities to keep their audiences engaged and educated.

You will need to fight for their attention each time you post a photo or video. The best way to do that is to make offers that are hard to ignore and harder to refuse. Here are a few of the best things to post on Instagram to get your followers involved by offering something in return for their time and effort. If you're just looking for general ideas on what to post, check out our article on The Best Instagram Posts Ideas.


Photo Contests

Instagram Photo Contests Are a Great Way to Engage your Audience

Everyone loves a photo contest. You get to showcase your photography skills to a larger audience, and get rewarded for it too. Photo contests are also a good way to spike up your followers. You can ask users to post photos of themselves using your products with your company’s hashtag, along with an interesting caption. Or, they can post their favorite piece of furniture, or an item that reminds them of their first pet.

The ideas are endless. Be sure to offer an attractive prize as a reward. It can be a subscription to your own services, a goody bag, tickets to a concert, or a popular product like a Smart phone or a tablet, depending on your niche, market and budget.

Photo a Day Contests

Instagram Photo A day Contests are a favorite!

Photo a Day contests have become widely popular on Instagram. All you need to do is offer a 30-day challenge to post a picture with a different theme each day. The ideas can be as specific or as general as you’d like them to be. Simply make a thirty- day plan and post a picture of it on your blog or Instagram along with the start and end date.

There can be a theme for the whole contest such as winter. Each day can be a little more specific like Christmas, snowflakes, fireplaces, reflection, snowman etc. You can have a random Picture Photo a Day contest as well. The closer the theme is to the industry that you cater to, the more relevant and productive the outcome. Don’t forget to offer desirable prizes and ask your followers to tag the photos appropriately.

You Don’t HAVE To Give Away A Prize

You do not necessarily need to offer prizes to make your followers feel special. Simply ask them to hashtag your product, brand or company name every time they use it, along with a good picture. Post a picture of the most interesting picture each week. Just the acknowledgment can go a long way when it comes to engagement on social media.

Unique Hashtags

Hashtag us.jpg

Unique hashtags are another way to make lasting impressions on Instagram. Many businesses use special hashtags to promote events or new products on Instagram and on Twitter.

For instance, Red Bull’s #givesyouwings, General Electric’s #GEinspiredme and Jason Marz’s #IWONTGIVEUP are some examples of how you can use unique hashtags to make contests. Ask followers to get involved using specific themes. Each unique hashtag comes with its own associated RSS Feed, making it easier to subscribe to relevant photos.


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