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You Can't Buy Real Human Instagram Followers! (Here's what you CAN do)

Ricky | July 22, 2017

You can't buy real human instagram followers


Having a presence on Instagram is only effective if you have a good audience of followers. You can post the best content, and have an incredible brand, but you won't get much traction if there's nobody following you to see it. Therefore, building an audience of real engaged followers is critical to your success on Instagram.


One option that you might consider is buying followers. Unfortunately, this option has some negatives that you need to be aware of. In this article, we'll go over why you won't be able to buy real human Instagram followers, and some things you can do instead.


Can't you just buy Instagram followers?


When you buy Instagram followers, they're usually fake


Well, yes and no. You can buy followers. But you can't buy HUMAN followers. 


When it comes to buying followers, you really want to think like a human being. Do you really think that there are 10k+ people out there just waiting to be purchased and then they'll go to your page and follow you? Even if this was the case, do you think these people would really be quality and interested in what you posted? Or would they just want some money to click a "follow" button?


In reality, most followers that you'll purchase will be fake and/or hacked accounts. Even if they weren't fake (which they will be), they wouldn't be quality followers, as they wouldn't be interested in your content. We go into this in more detail on our post on why you can't buy Instagram followers.


So what can I do?


The good news is that there are a few easy, effective ways to increase real human Instagram followers. Not just fake accounts that will never buy or engage with you- real followers who actually care about your business or brand. Here are a few quick tips. Check out our eBook on how to hack Instagram followers for a step-by-step walk through on some of our best kept secrets to exploding your Instagram growth.


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Look for #followforfollow hashtags


You're not the only one out there who wants real Instagram followers. There are hundreds of thousands of other users who want to get real people to follow them. If you want to get a quick boost of followers who are real accounts, you can collaborate with other accounts who want followers.


Search for hashtags on photos and accounts that are #followforfollow. There are a few variations including #f4f #followback and more. If you follow accounts who use these hashtags, they'll follow you back.


While this is a quick method to get a quick boost of real followers, the quality can really be lacking. In many cases, these users are just chasing follows, and they may not actually be interested in you, your company, and your content. We recommend doing #followforfollow to make your account look legitimate, and then move on to finding followers who actually like your stuff.


Search for the right users, and engage with them


This is the most effective way to get real followers who actually care about your account or brand. With that being said, this method takes time.


Look for Instagram users who meet your target audience. Are you a fashion brand? Search for people posting pictures of the latest trends, or who are using hashtags like #fashion. Are you an athlete? Look for others interested in #fitness or #fitfam posters.


When you find these users, engage them. Like and comment on their photos. Follow them. Some of these users will see your activity on their account, which will lead them to your account. This will increase your chances of getting them to follow you, instead of waiting for them to stumble onto your account or photos.


Outsource your account


Outsource your Instagram account to grow real followers quickly


Constantly searching for users, liking photos, making comments, and following/unfollowing can take a lot of time. And although it is worth the effort, many people do not have the capacity to do this work regularly.


There are tools and services that will make this work easier. You can even pay to have a company do this work effectively, so you can focus on great content, and watch the followers and likes roll in.


Social Network Elite is a great option if you want to outsource your account. We target followers by hashtags, photos posted, people they're following, and more. We engage with hundreds of people o your behalf everyday, which rapidly increases your following of real Instagram followers. We even offer a free trial- check out our Instagram growth services here and start a free trial if you're interested!



Although it may seem tempting to purchase a large number of Instagram followers, you'll be much better off taking more time to build an audience of real human followers. By following these methods and more, you'll be well on your way to Instagram celebrity status! Make sure to check out our other articles for the best tips on EXPLODING your Instagram growth. Or, subscribe to our monthly newsletter by clicking the button below.


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