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Why you can't buy real active Instagram followers

Ricky | April 21, 2017

Why you can't buy active Instagram followers


Let's face it- waiting sucks. This is 2017, we want instant gratification and high speed. No lagging or loading. So if you're on Instagram, we understand why you'd want to have a massive following immediately. But if you're thinking about buying "real" "active" Instagram followers, here are a few reasons why you might want to think twice.

Honestly, if you want to buy Instagram followers, it does make sense for some people. The Instagram followers will probably be fake, but for some accounts, this doesn't matter. For instance, if you're someone who needs to pass the quick-look test. Maybe you want to quickly make a good impression as an artist to get an upcoming gig. You don't know if the manager will check your account, but if they do you want to look popular quickly. You might not need to buy real active Instagram followers... You just need to buy a number. That would be one of a few reasons.

But the followers won't be real, and that matters if you're a business. Here's why you can't buy real active Instagram followers.


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The people you care about aren't able to be bought

If you try to buy real active instagram followers youll get robots


Unless you want to build an army of robots, you're probably looking to grow your Instagram in order to engage with potential customers or fans. When you use a service where you buy 1,000's of followers in a short period of time, you're just going to be paying for a large number of fake followers.

The real people you care about don't want to just follow anyone. They want to follow a user who is actively engaged with them, and someone who posts content they like. Make sure you're both.


Instagram purges fake accounts and that could hurt your brand with real followers


When someone first finds your account, they may look at who follows you. If they see that you have a bunch of dummy accounts following you, it might not help your cause with getting real follows. Would you want to get content that only bots care about?

Instagram is also getting smarter about how they handle fake accounts. In 2014, accounts of many celebrities lost up to 3.5 followers each, as Instagram deleted millions of fake users from their platform. Losses include Justin Bieber (who lost over 3 million followers), Akon (who lost over 50% of his followers), Ma$e (lost 1.5 million followers), and countless others. Those fake followers you buy could be gone quickly.


Real followers are more likely to buy

Only real instagram followers will buy


At the end of the day, it's typically about getting your audience to take a target action- like buying something, sharing your art, etc. Do you think fake followers are going to do that for you? Nope. Sure, the big following can give you the appearance of looking big. But things could get ugly when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is.


Real followers are more likely to promote you, and bring you more real followers


Real Instagram followers will promote your account


Compounding interest is a beautiful thing. So is a compounding following of qualified followers. When you start to build a following of real users who truly care about what you offer or post, they'll be more likely to repost or give you a shout out.

People trust their friends, and getting a mention or repost is the best way to show people in your demographic to find you. BUT it will only happen if you have real followers who like your content, and who are actually in your target demographic. It might be a slow process, but once your account starts growing, it can grow like a 401k!


There are other options for building a REAL following quickly


There are other options to get real followers quickly. You can use a follow-to-follow-back strategy. You can go after shout outs from relevant accounts. By engaging with the people that you actually care about, you'll be building a solid following of real followers in no time. And you can always start of trial of our proven Instagram Growth Services.... you had to see that coming right? :)


So, if you're thinking about buying followers, and you don't actually need quality people, then it can be alright. We won't get in the way. Just remember that fake people can't buy things. They won't actually care about what you're posting. And if that's the case, why bother? Let us know in the comments!


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