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Get Likes for Instagram Apps: Best Apps to Improve Instagram Engagement

Julia Thompson | May 16, 2019

Nowadays there’s an app for everything, including how to get you more likes on Instagram. Using an app (or apps) to improve engagement on Instagram is becoming more and more common and you should be hopping on this trend too! We’ve curated a list of the top apps that drive likes to your posts, as well as the top apps that will help you strategically gain more organic likes.


Best get likes for Instagram app


Get Likes for Instagram: Top Apps

There used to be many apps that sent you tons of likes either for free or a small charge, and they required no effort on your part. Unfortunately, most of these likes came from bots or users who were paid to like your content. Basically these apps were sending low quality users to your account. Instagram caught on to this and made some rules that ended up closing down most of these apps and their services.

Now these apps technically still exist, but are just a little sneakier about what they offer. You’ll find on the app store a ton of apps that promise more likes because they offer a cool photo editor or a database of hashtags. But secretly they have an in-app service that allows you to pay for likes using virtual money or real money. Here is our list of these top apps in the app store that promise tons of likes in exchange for some sort of currency.

  • Likes Up - Get Slider Posts

You can create animated posts with background music. Creating unique posts like this will attract more potential followers and likes.

  • Like Followers’Mass Tags-Bios

This is a social media helper app. They provide hashtags and bios for your account to help increase your chances of being found through search results.

  • Tracking Instagram

An Instagram analyzer app that shows you who’s following and unfollowing you. It also gives you insight into your posts that are performing well.

  • Likes+ AITags for Instagram

Always struggle to come up with a good caption? This app will create your captions for you. Having a good caption will help increase your likes.

  • Followers’Moments

Create a cool collage of the top 9 posts from the last year. You can also see the stats from your best posts so you can continue to recreate those types of posts for more engagement.

  • Get Likes on Pop Caps & Tags

This is a collection of hashtags and captions to help you trend on top search results.

  • Hashtags for Instagram Likes

Another hashtag curator app that helps you find the top trending hashtags to get you noticed.

Get Likes Through Strategy: Top Apps

If you’re more interested in gaining high quality likes from users that are actually into your content, then you shouldn’t be using one of the cruddy apps above. Those are for people who want likes for the sake of likes and don’t realize that they do nothing for you in the long run. Here are some of the best apps you can use that will strategically improve your account to gain genuine followers and likes consistently.

  • Snapseed

An advanced photo editing app that will help your photos appear more professional and visually pleasing. The better your photos look, the more genuine likes you will get.

  • Telegram Messenger

A great way to quickly grow your following and engagement is to join an Instagram pod. These are typically done through Instagram chat or Telegram Messenger, a group chat app.

  • Planoly

Having an attractive feed is necessary for improving engagement. Planoly lets you visualize what your feed will look like before you upload to Instagram. It also has a handy hashtag saver that makes for easy copy and pasting.

  • Iconosquare

An important part of growing your Instagram account is knowing the stats behind it. Iconosquare is an Instagram analyzer that will give you insight into when you should be posting, what types of posts perform best, and who’s engaging with you or unfollowing you.

  • Canva

Canva is a graphic design app that lets you create beautiful templates for your posts and cute quotes graphics. This is also the best way to create a highlighted story cover for your profile.

App getting more likes on Instagram

So what is the right approach for you? It really depends on your goals. Are you succumbing to the social pressure of needing tons of likes and followers just to look like you’re a big deal? If so, then one of the apps that gets likes for you is the way to go. If you’re planning to run a successful business or become a true Influencer on Instagram, you need to use an app that helps you gain organic followers and engagement. Using an app to help you improve your Instagram account isn’t a bad thing - it’s actually encouraged! As long as you’re doing it the right way.

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