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Insanely Simple Ways to Monetize Instagram

Julia Thompson | October 6, 2018

One of the most popular ways for digital nomads to make an income is through the use of Instagram. With over 800 million users, there are plenty of potential customers that you can reach to build your business. No matter how you plan on monetizing Instagram, there are several strategies you can implement to set yourself up for success. Don’t think you can just post any old photo and slap some random hashtags on there and expect to make thousands of dollars. You need to have a quality feed with a solid growth strategy in place in order to attract your ideal customers and actually get them to pay you. Here are our tips on how to monetize your Instagram account in 2018.

A few ways to monetize Instagram

Create an Informative Bio

Whether you are planning to use an existing Instagram account or start from scratch, you need to make sure everything is up to par...including your bio.

Your display name (not to be confused with username) is searchable so make sure to use keywords that potential followers might look for. For example if you are a fitness Instagrammer, try to include the word fitness in your name. Something like, David - Fitness Guru, would make you stand out while still being keyword-friendly.

Once you have your display name figured out, use the rest of your available text to make it clear what you’re about and what you have to offer. Are you a photographer? Explain that your services are for hire in your local city. Sell products? Maybe offer a discount code on their first purchase. You want to be clear so that any potential customers or clients will know what you’re offering and how to buy from you.

You get one clickable link so use it well! A direct link to your shop or to your sales funnel will get your ideal customer in the right place.

Post quality content if you intend to monetize Instagram

Post Quality Content

One of the most important strategies you need if trying to monetize your Instagram is to have quality photos on your feed. If a potential buyer lands on your account and your photos look unprofessional or random, you’re going to lose their business. Make sure to edit every single photo before posting it so it looks clean, clear, and visually attractive. Download a photo editing app that’s easy to use and provides the right tools.

Most high quality Instagram accounts have some sort of theme in place. This means that all their posts have a similar look and feel - everything flows well together. You can achieve this by editing all your photos in the same way and making sure they have the same general content. If you’re a food account, don’t randomly post pictures of your baby. Although he may be cute, it doesn’t flow with your food photos and is off brand.

Use Relevant Hashtags

In order to be found by potential customers, you need to be using hashtags. These are going to get your posts in front of thousands of Instagram users that are interested in your content. But you can’t just use any random hashtag, like #love or #cute. Those are too vague and won’t attract the right audience. You need to be using the top hashtags for your niche so that you get in front of people searching for your type of content. If you’re trying to make your kitty the next Grumpy Cat, you need to use cat-related hashtags that cat-lovers will be searching for. Check out our 2018 Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet for some helpful tips and tricks.

Getting cash from Instagram monetization

Grow Your Following

Now that your account is ready, it’s time to start growing your following and attracting potential customers. Having a large following is key to making money on Instagram. When you have a tribe of engaged followers, you’re more likely to attract brands who will sponsor you to promote their products. Followers are also more likely to buy from you than users who stop by to like one photo, but aren’t interested enough to subscribe to your feed.

One of the best strategies to grow a following is to start engaging with your ideal audience. Like and comment on other user’s posts to get their attention. They’re likely to reciprocate and will possibly follow you if they like your content. Need some help in this department? You can sign up with an Instagram Growth Service to help boost your following quickly.

Implementing these techniques will set you up for long term success in monetizing your Instagram account. Whether you’re a blogger, a business coach, a fitness instructor, or a retailer, you can make a full-time income from Instagram with these strategies. Need some ideas on what to offer? Check out our post on 4 Easy Ways to Monetize Instagram.

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