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Instagress Shutdown: Try our Instagress Replacement Free For 7 Days

Ricky | April 26, 2017

Instagress has been shut down, but our replacement is great! 

If you were an Instagress customer, you recently got some pretty bad news. Instagress has been shut down for good, and there's a long line of folks waiting to get a refund. If you're looking for an Instagress alternative, you should consider taking a 7-day Instagram followers free trial of our services. No finangling software, no shut downs. Just REAL active Instagram followers for your account every single day.


Why was Instagress shut down? 

Instagram is moving quickly to remove fake accounts on its platform. As parent company Facebook begins to push advertisers to Instagram, it's critical to ensure ad views are accurate. This is one of many reasons that Insatgram has made it a high priority to remove any fake accounts or Instagram bots. We recently wrote about the Instapurge of 2014 in our last blog post on why you can't buy real active Instagram followers. The long story short? Instagram wants to ensure it's users are real active users.

Instagress was a large company that allowed many users to manipulate the interactions they were having. It created a large network of people who could create many fake accounts with a large following. Instagress hasn't given a clear reason for being shut down, but we'd bet that it was due to pressure from Instagram. 


How does your Instagress replacement work?

Instead of using an Instagram bot tool, configuring settings, targeting different users, and spending a bunch of time; our team of experts will do all of the heavy lifting. We have a proven process to engage with a large number of users in your target audience. On average, our clients get 100-150 net new followers a day.


Do I still have control?

Yes, we consistently get 5-star reviews on the quality of our customer service. We'll work with you to pick the best ways to engage with your audience, and you have complete control over what comments we make, what types of people we target, etc.


Can I get the same amount of followers?

Actually, most of our clients who have used Instagress in the past tell us that they're getting more real followers, faster than they did with Instagress. So while this is an Instagress replacement, you'll quickly find that it will be a much better service, and you'll get REAL active followers faster!


How do I know the followers will be real?

We don't grow your Instagram followers by having a large network of fake users. Similar to Instagress, we increase the amount of real people that you interact with. These people have to follow you, so you won't see a random boost of 1,000 fake users suddenly. Instead, you'll watch as we engage with a large number of people in your audience, and they'll follow you back if they like your content!

Although we're proud to offer real active Instagram followers, this does mean that results will vary based on how active you are with posting great photos. Make sure to post great content while we're working with you to maximize results. 


How do I get started?

We offer a free 7-day trial. Click the button below, select the plan that fits your goals, and start growing your Instagram today. We'll go after the people you care about so you can increase your following and drive more sales!


Start FREE 7-day Trial

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