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8 Likes Alternatives: How does Social network Elite compare to 8 Likes?

Julia Thompson | May 6, 2019

Everyone on Instagram is focused on getting more likes on their photos. Likes give your account credibility and are helpful when trying to monetize your Instagram account. However, likes can be tough to get if you don’t have the right strategy or the time to put towards gaining them. Unfortunately this leads to many people resorting to low-quality apps and online services that promise likes for free or for a small charge. Apps like 8 Likes help users get tons of likes on their posts for little to no effort. The problem with services like 8 Likes is that the quality of likes they send to a post are extremely low. The accounts doing the liking might be bots, paid users, or real users, however they aren’t genuinely interested in the content they are liking. If the likes you receive aren’t genuine, then the likes aren’t worth it. If you were an 8 Likes user, then you know they’ve been shut down. Here’s how Social Network Elite compares to 8 Likes and why you should consider making the switch.

8 likes alternatives

Why Are High Quality Likes Important?

There are three main aspects of Instagram that are considered important when trying to build a credible account: likes, comments, and followers. The easiest of these to get is likes, and there are a ton of ways to get them. But not all likes are created equal. You should always strive to get likes from users that are actually interested in your content.

High quality likes mean that you’re more likely to make a sale, attract a brand sponsor, or build your business. If likes come from users who don’t care about your post, they are essentially meaningless. People want to buy from Instagram accounts that they are actually interested in, meaning brands won’t sponsor you if your likes aren’t going to bring them more business. And you won’t be bringing yourself any new business either.

Apps that promise tons of likes for little in return, such as 8 Likes and many others, should make you cautious. Do your research to ensure the likes they send you are real users as well as targeted users in your ideal audience.

Best Strategies for Getting More Likes

There are so many ways available for gaining more likes on your posts that don’t require using a sub-par app. Here are the four best ways to quickly, and easily boost your likes.

Up Your Engagement

Engaging with other accounts is a surefire way to quickly get likes to your own posts. If you spend time liking and commenting on other posts, you will be noticed and the act is likely to be reciprocated. Although this takes time and effort, it is a strategy that works.

Use Hashtags

Another easy way to quickly get more likes from users in your ideal audience is to use relevant hashtags. By tagging your post with keywords that real people are searching for, your content is much more likely to be noticed and liked by the right users.

Join a Pod

A strategy that requires loyalty and commitment is to join an Instagram engagement pod. A pod is a group message on Instagram that includes people with the same goal and similar account types. You’re all in it to help each other out, meaning whenever someone in the group posts a new photo, all the pod members like and/or comment on the post as soon as possible.

Use an Instagram Growth Service

An easy, affordable, and reliable way to get genuine likes is to sign up for an Instagram growth service, such as Social Network Elite. You pay a small monthly fee and provide your login credentials, and in return you get a big boost in likes and engagement from a targeted audience.

Needing 8 likes alternatives


How Social Network Elite Works

Social Network Elite is a premier 8 likes alternative that works with you to provide high quality likes, engagement, and followers. By taking advantage of their 7-day free trial, you have ample time to determine if the platform is right for you and your account. After signing up, you are paired with an Instagram marketing specialist who is dedicated to helping improve your account. You provide them with relevant hashtags and competitor accounts so they can set the algorithm to target users who should be interested in your content. Depending on your goals you’ll pick your plan - to boost likes, increase engagement, or grow your following. There are price tiers to fit all budgets, and you don’t pay a cent until after your free trial. So what’s the risk? Give SNE a try today and see your likes not only skyrocket, but come from real, genuine users.

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