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How to Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram

Ricky | January 6, 2018

Now THATS a Lot of followers on instagram!


You need followers, and lots of them. This is no secret, but the means of achieving more followers for your integrated business account are widely withheld as if they were. However, Social Network Elite offers you nothing shy of the best. Follow these easy tips to quickly get a lot of followers on Instagram!



Give to Get


Common sense, right? To see a natural increase in your followers, as well as the overall activity that your profile sees, you must actively engage with other prominent accounts. If you comment on other’s profiles and like their pictures, they are more likely to comment on and like your posts in return. If you do not interact with anyone, you won’t be able to see a growth in your businesses online presence. Utilizing social media as a marketing tool requires being social.



Steal Your Competitors Followers


The best and worst part about competition is the fact that customers can sway. Begin following your competitor’s followers, and like their posts and even leave comments. This will cause some curiosity and lead users to your page. If you can compete, users will be drawn to your page and ultimately become your customers now! If you cannot compete, however, do not expect to steal many followers from any similar business pages.


If you do end up gaining new followers from the competition, be sure that you are constantly up to date and able to compete with them. As stated earlier, the best and worst part about competition is the fact that customers can sway. If you fail to constantly compete, don’t be surprised if the competition steals their followers back!



Use Bots and Other Automation Tools


Another quick way to gain followers is through the use of bots! Bots are a paid service which in return your Instagram account is given a boost of followers. The catch, naturally, is that the boost of followers consists of fake accounts that are made and used for the sole purpose of boosting numbers. If you only want an increase in numbers, bots are your ticket, but do not expect to receive any increase in the activity that your profile will see.


Another more reliable automation tool that can be used is Social Network Elite. Yes, yours truly. At Social Network Elite, we offer you real followers that will increase your numbers as well as your actual activity on your profile. How? Visit Social Network Elite’s website to find out, and even start your free 7-day trial!



Use a Follow for Follow Strategy


Another great strategy to use if the follow for follow strategy. Simply find pages that utilize hashtags such as #followforfollow, #follow4follow, #f4f, and/or #F4F. These hashtags signify that if you follow that page they will follow you in return. Additionally, users that comment on such pages will also follow you in return if you follow them. That’s it! Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee an increase in business, just an increase in numbers.


*Similarly, to receive more likes on your posts, there are pages that advertise Like for Like strategies. See SNE’s article, How to Use Like for Like and Follow for Follow for more information.



Post Often, and at Optimal Times


Last but not least, the more you post the more likely you are to be seen by new potential customers and receive more followers. This does not mean to go overboard, however, a healthy consistency of posting will continuously draw more people to your page. To get the best reactions, post your pictures at the most optimal times of the day. To read more about this visit SNE’s article, How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Photos.


These tips will help you increase your number of followers, but for even more advice on growing your business’s social presence, visit Social Network Elite’s website! Thanks! We hoped you liked our post on how to get a lot of followers on Instagram.

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