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How to Use Instagram Shoutouts & Hashtags to Get More Followers

Ricky | November 12, 2017

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Attempting to grow within your specific Instagram community is not an easy task, however, it doesn’t have to be!  When looking to acquire more fitness followers on the gram, using shout outs and hashtags are a quick and effective way to get the followers that you actually want.  With a larger following, your Instagram presence will be stronger, and you will be in a better standing to earn more money off of potential customers who view your page more regularly.


So, where do we start?




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Hashtags are a great starting point, since they help direct people to your page.  Including keywords as hashtags within your posts will direct those who are searching that specific keyword to you.  So in order to direct more users to your business page, it is important that you take the time to choose the most relevant, and most popular, hashtag.


When using hashtags, as stated earlier, it is important to use popular keywords.  When you type in the hashtag a number appears to the right of the options that lets you know how many posts the hashtag is in.  A good number to look for is between 500 thousand and 1 million posts.  This ensures that a large number of people are seeing the hashtag, but it is not in an overly competitive Instagram community.


If you are interested in learning more about which hashtags you should be using, check out some of the articles below for more details, and in depth strategies.


Best posts on using Instagram Hashtags to get more followers and likes:





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Another great way to quickly gain more fitness followers (or really any niche of followers), is to utilize the method of shout outs.  To clarify, a shout out is simply another account creating a post and advertising your business account to their followers.  This directs the attention of their following to your profile, which means potentially more followers for you! 


The best way to approach the shout out method is to find profiles that have a medium sized amount of followers.  The reasoning behind this is because smaller end profiles are not worth the time and effort, while larger profiles will most likely not bother to shout out your business/brand.  You want to find a profile that has around 25 to 100 thousand followers.


You also want to make sure that you are ready to pay for the extra advertising that the owner of the profile doing the shout out is giving you.  A reasonable payment for such a service is around the ball park of 10 dollars.  That’s it! 


Want to learn more about using Instagram shoutouts to get more followers and likes? Check out the articles below!


Best Posts on Getting Instagram Shoutouts to Increase Followers and Likes:


These include some great tips on the formatting of your outreach to other Instagram profiles.




For both of these tips, hashtags and/or shoutouts, it is important to think about the content of your post.  It is not enough to just include popular hashtags or get a shout out from a larger profile.  You need to make sure your content is eye catching so that the users who see them will take the extra step to follow your account. 


If you utilize these methods properly, you will be able to get more fitness followers for your Instagram account in no time. Looking for an even quicker boost to your Instagram Growth? Check out Social Network Elite. We grow your account with REAL active followers who care about your business or brand! Click here to start an Instagram Followers and Likes free trial and start getting 150+ Real Followers a day!


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